Project JTC-Ngin

Update: June 5th, 2014



JTC-Ngin AES XPress






What is JTC-Ngin ?


JTC-Ngin or (Java Text Cryptography Engine) is a light-weight free software tool that is programmed using Java. JTC-Ngin allows you to Encrypt/Decrypt text using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with Symmetric Key Exchange in few easy steps:

  1. Import the text to JTC-Ngin form a .txt file or just using copy and paste.
  2. Choose your own Encryption Key (Password).
  3. Encrypt the text and save it to a “.crypto” Base64 encoded file format, Base64 encoding guarantees the integrity of the data when it’s transmitted over the internet or any electronic medium.
  4. The recipient can then use the same tool to import the “.crypto” file and decrypt it using the same Encryption Key to its original human readable text format.




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